The Burkes Pass Heritage Trust - Newsletter  Feb. 03
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nniss Cottge Walls in 1970’s, Photo Supplied by N Liddy


Thank you to
Mrs Catriona Baker
for “Ships, Sheep and Shepherds” - the family history of the
AB Smith family of Rollesby
Fairlie Timber Treatment Ltd for donating treatment of timber for the Anniss
cottage roof project.
Barwoods Motors Ltd for delivery of the timber
Andrew Hurst for mechanical assistance.

Alister Munro and his tractor for being on hand to unload the timber
Transit/Opus/Works Infrastructure for filling the shop area ditch and
remodelling the road shoulder
Trees for Canterbury for native plants for the church grounds
Southern Trust for funds to research historic titles

Michael Angelo
for architectural advice
Murray Hemmingsen for architectural advice and drawings


Anniss Cottage Roof Project


We thank Paul Drake, the current owner who lives in Australia for support by funding for this project. Many of the required materials are now on site to rebuild a roof over this historically valuable piece of Burkes Pass heritage. This intriguing old cob ruin had its original iron roof removed in 1911 when John and Margaret Anniss and their family won a ballot and went to live at Curraghmore Station. Iron was a valuable resource not to be wasted. However these walls have endured for much longer than anyone would have predicted, certainly a lot longer than wooden walls. The aim is to rebuild the iron roof and rafters supported on poles initially. At a later date when the walls have been repaired and returned to their original height to then put the load back onto the walls. Anyone interested in joining a keen group and contributing in any capacity will be very welcome. On the agenda for a kickoff is putting in supporting poles for the roof and fencing the site. Contact Graham at 03 348 1531 or email at or he just may bend your ear first! 


130 year Church Service


The Reverend Peter Hurricks traveled with his family from Blenheim to take this remarkable service which included an ancient hymn that was part of the 1872 service. Yes, the original chill was felt through the cracks in the floorboards but the warmth of more than 50 adults and children gathered in good cheer and song was good compensation. There was wonderful sharing of talent with Betty Mathias as organist, local singer Chrissie Tor-Kilson and Clare Barlow keyboard accompanist.  A celebration cake was cut afterward by Vivienne Williams great grand-daughter of John Burgess with  a cosy lunch at Alma Cottage afterward. You can look at the photos on the web site 


Planting the Entrance to Burkes Pass /Landscaping the Church Grounds


A working bee at Labour weekend had a great team putting spades to work planting two initial areas either side of the highway at the entrance to Burkes Pass. Literally a landmark effort to make a difference and start the vision we all contributed to with the village plan. The long term aim is to create a sense of entry to our town designed to slow traffic as well as be attractive and create a niche of local native plants.


Trees for Canterbury was our fairy godmother for for the Church grounds planting by donating 113 plants for us to enjoy. Photos also on the web site. Thanks to the team of ; Max Willetts and Daniel, the Tor-Kilsen family, Liz and Maurie Angelo, Margaret Walter, Tony Scott, Jennifer Greene, Helen Harry, Neville Smith, Gavin Flynn , Jane and Graham Batchelor. Thank you also to the Mackenzie District Council for their support.


Doing the Ditch
Works Infrastructure funded by Transit have recently completed filling the ditch outside the shop for about 30 meters. This gives a significantly larger grassed area for landscaping and use by pedestrians and visitors away from the road edge. This was an expensive exercise and will significantly improve safety, as well as appearance. It has rid the township of a major eyesore. In conjunction with piping the ditch part of the raised shoulder of the roadside above Paddy’s Market homestead has been remodeled to improve visibility for people crossing the road to the church. We are delighted that Transit/Opus have supported these community projects and we are very grateful to them and to the contractor for doing a great job. Replanting the fence line area will be able to be started this Autumn and following Spring hopefully.


Other projects which are on the way and for which we have money in the bank are;
The Heritage Covenant for the Church - drafted and with the Historic Places Trust to be finalised and will give the highest degree of protection to the church building.
The St Patricks Church Plan - being put together by conservation architect George Lucking .
Burkes Pass Brochure
- drafted and being designed
Church information panels - content now being finalised


Funding is being applied for the boardwalks on the walkway. For the incredibly well motivated reader the Business plan is available on the website which has more ideas and daydreams in various stages of reality.


Jane Batchelor



Jane Batchelor (chairperson)

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