Newsletter 17th January 2001

 St Patricks Church at Burkes Pass

Dear All,        

I am pleased to be able to tell you that the Burkes Pass Heritage Trust has reached agreement with the Mackenzie Co-operating Parish to purchase the church and enable it to be retained in our community.

To do this we need to raise $3,000 inclusive of GST for the capital cost of the property. The proposed settlement date is the 28th of February 2001.

Our first priority is for purchase, however we are mindful of making provision to maintain the building without having to call on this community constantly for funds. We aim to use this opportunity to enhance our living environment and not be a tedious burden. The most effective way of achieving this in the short term, is by making application to the many community trust funds available to us. Our main tool to be successful in these applications is having a large membership base, to demonstrate support for our project. As we are now an incorporated Trust we are able to invite membership of the Trust. Donated funds are officially tax deductible and you will be sent a certificate of membership and a receipt for tax purposes.

     What does it cost to be a member?
Any donation of $5 or more qualifies for membership.

     What does membership entail?
Nothing more than a $5 joining fee if you prefer.

     Will you be obliged to the Trust in any other manner?
Apart from being on our membership list, no,  you will not be under any obligation.

     What will the membership list be used for?
Contacting you if you wish to be kept up to date, and for application to funding agencies as an anonymous statistic.

     What are the advantages in joining?

 The satisfaction of contributing in a significant and painless manner to the improvement of the Burkes Pass area. Members will be kept up to date with activities of the Trust from time to time, and will have voting rights at any meetings held of the Trust membership. Those who are keen to be more involved , are eligible to join a management committee. Please indicate on your form if you wish to do this or contact myself or one of the other trustees.

      What will the funds raised be used for?

       In the first instance, funds will be used to purchase the church property. Any funds surplus to  the purchase price will be held in the Trust bank account and may only be used for purposes outlined in the Trust document. This may include savings for the long term needs of the church building, providing collateral for matching contributions from other community providers when require,, and a contingency fund for repairs etc.

I hope that as many individuals as possible will join as members and I have taken the liberty of enclosing a membership application. It is not necessary to use the form and more are available if required, from Liz Angelo-Roxborough and the Fairlie Resource Centre. Please pass forms on to other friends and relations or any others you feel may be interested. Liz is happy to follow up any one if you give her a contact name and address.

For those who are able to contribute to the purchase fund, we would be grateful for any additional donation.


Yours sincerely,

Jane Batchelor
Convenor of the Burkes Pass Heritage Trust.
Alma Cottage, Burkes Pass
Postal address; 41 Kirkwood Avenue, Christchurch 8004.
Phone (h) 03 348 1531, (w) 03 3558283, fax 03 355 8289