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New: Formal submissions on speed reduction at Burkes Pass must be made before 5pm Friday 15 Nov 2019.
Even if you put in a submission previously if you want to have a say you must submit again!
We believe the speed should be reduced to 50 kph but NZTA are saying 60kph.
Our submission that you can use as a basis for yours can be downloaded here
Submission to NZTA on road speed reduction at Burkes Pass Township

Have your say here:



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St Patricks, Burkes Pass, NewZealand
Category 1 Historic Place

New Zealand's oldest union church on its original site

See Timaru Herald News 27Jan2012

New : Submission to NZTA on road speed reduction at Burkes Pass Township (Sept 2019)


Welcome to The Burkes Pass Heritage Trust.

This is an incorporated charitable trust established in the year 2000 to secure the future of St Patrick's Union Church and promote local heritage in Burkes Pass, South Canterbury, New Zealand.

In earlier days Burkes Pass was the pioneer township in the Mackenzie Country sited on the banks of the the Opihi River. It is now an important heritage site on a major tourist route to the Mackenzie basin, Mt Cook and Queenstown. This route was well used by Maori in pre European times.

More about the Trust and Burkes Pass township